These Terms and Conditions are designed to describe the responsibilities of you, the Hirer and us, the Service Provider, in procuring and providing respectively the service of a Photo Booth or other event equipment and services as agreed by us both, referred to below as the Services.

Responsibilities of the Hirer:

The Hirer has the following responsibilities:

  • 1. To pay the required deposit on the date that the booking is made. This will usually be 20% of the whole fee or £150, whichever is the larger amount.
  • 2. To pay the entire balance remaining once the deposit has been paid no later than 10 clear working days prior to the date of the event. In the event that this is not paid, then the Service Provider has the right to cancel the booking with no obligation whatsoever and also without return of the deposit.
  • 3. The Service Provider may require that the entire fee for the Services is payable on the date of the booking, in which case if the fee is not paid there shall be no requirement whatsoever that the Service Provider shall confirm the booking or provide any Services
  • 4. The Hirer shall provide the Service Provider with any and all information required to be able to provide the Services, such as names, addresses, phone numbers and directions to venues and so on. Additionally, any information relating to the venue, its accessibility and services available on site, shall be provided by the Hirer.
  • 5. The Hirer shall ensure that the venue has sufficient space and accessibility so that the equipment required for the Services can reasonably be transported to the venue and be safely operated in the venue. This includes provision of an adequately rated 240V electrical supply, and wireless internet provision with an acceptable level of connectivity and speed if required.
  • 6. In the event that any of the venue services described above is not adequate to the provision of the Services, the Hirer shall liaise with the Service Provider and the venue staff in order to resolve that matter, but in the event that this cannot be resolved, the Service Provider accepts no responsibility for the impact on the quality of the Services or the ability to provide the Services at all.
  • 7. The Hirer shall ensure that the guests at the venue behave reasonably towards the Service Provider’s staff and the Service Provider shall not accept any form of abuse whether verbal or physical towards its staff. In the event that such is deemed to have taken place, the Service Provider has the right to remove all equipment and staff from the venue and to terminate the relationship with the Hirer, with no return of fees paid and no liability whatsoever.
  • 8. Notwithstanding the above paragraph 7, the Service Provider shall make reasonable efforts to be tolerant towards ‘effusive behaviour’ from guests wishing to enjoy themselves and the Services, and shall not escalate matters of behaviour unless there is a perceived risk of it becoming either abusive or violent.
  • 9. The Hirer shall make every effort to ensure cooperation between the venue staff and staff of the Service Provider, and shall provide information and assistance in a timely manner so that the Services can be provided in an effective and safe way.

Responsibilities of the Service Provider

The Service Provider has the following responsibilities:

  • 1. To supply such equipment and staff as are necessary to provide the Hirer with the agreed upon Services to a high standard.
  • 2. To ensure that the equipment used for the Services is in full working order and is operated in a safe manner in respect of the staff and guests present at the venue.
  • 3. To cooperate with both staff of the venue and the guests to ensure that their experience of the Services is both safe and enjoyable.
  • 4. To arrive at the venue at least one hour before the Services are due to commence and to ensure that all the necessary equipment is in place and working.
  • 5. To dismantle and remove the equipment after the Services have been provided, and to leave the venue clear of any loose equipment or other material.
  • 6. To act in a friendly and reasonable manner towards the guests and venue staff, and to make every effort to resolve any problems that may arise as regards provision of the Services to professional standards.
  • 7. To give help and guidance to guests in the use of the equipment and services so that the guests may get the most out of the experience of using the Services.
  • 8. To liaise with the Hirer as needed in order to resolve any issue arising in the course of providing the Services.


The Service Provider shall not be liable for any damages sustained at the venue, either by venue staff or guests or the Hirer, or damage to the property at the venue itself, that are caused as a result of misuse or inappropriate use of the equipment supplied by the Service Provider.

The Hirer shall ensure that any and all licenses and insurances appropriate and necessary to the provision of the Services are in place at the venue, and shall not hold the Service Provider responsible for any loss or claim resulting from such use of the equipment or Services.


Any liability arising from events relating to the Services shall be limited to the sum paid by the Hirer to the Service Provider.